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Stretched, excess skin and fatty areas in the abdominal region are the things that preoccupy the minds of most people seeking information about tummy tucks (the surgical procedure called an abdominoplasty). These conditions usually result from weight loss, aging, pregnancy, and other surgical procedures.

A tummy tuck may not be required in all situations. Candidates for liposuction usually have good skin tone, but need help removing excess fatty tissue. However, if your skin has stretch marks and fatty tissue, a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) could end up being the route to take.

Dr. Self has performed this procedure on both men and women and is highly skilled in this procedure. The results from an abdominoplasty can be quite dramatic in both physical and emotional aspects. You are transforming not only your body, but your life as well.

Abdominoplasty Candidates:

Even though more women request this surgery, a man can be as good of a candidate as a woman for this surgery, especially after a large drop in weight. The typical candidate has excess fatty tissue, inelastic skin, and diastasis (abdominal wall laxity). Diastasis is most common in women whose abdominal wall has stretched during pregnancy and has not returned to its normal pre-pregnancy state. Even with proper diet and exercise, this condition is difficult to avoid. Women should wait until they are done having children before moving forward with this procedure.

  1. Abdominal liposuction – likely candidates will just have an excess of fatty tissue in the region with good abdominal wall integrity and skin elasticity.
  2. Mini-Abdominoplasty – likely candidates will have minor issues with muscle laxity and excess skin below the belly button. The surgery results in a small scar like that from a c-section.
  3. Traditional Abdominoplasty – likely candidates have a general excess in skin and abdominal fat deposits, including laxity in the abdominal wall that rises beyond the belly button. The surgery results in a wider scar and requires that the belly button be relocated
  4. Extended Abdominoplasty – likely candidates have excess skin and fat deposits in the flanks and lower back as well as the abdominal area. The traditional tummy tuck incision is extended to the sides and results in a more complete body contouring.