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Body Lift

Body Lift

Full Body Lift

As gastric bypass and bariatric surgeries grow in popularity, so does the full body lift. Dr. Self has over 20 years of experience performing this extensive and very specialized cosmetic surgery.

What Is A Body Lift?

Extreme weight loss, pregnancies or age can cause excess, sagging skin and the build up of fatty tissue on the lower torso and upper legs. This occurs because the skin has been stretched and is now loose and has permanently lost elasticity. A full body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, will remove this extra skin and fat from the belly, hips, buttocks, backs, and outer thigh. A full body lift offers dramatic, lifelong results. Excess skin and fat are removed, the contours of the body are lifted and flattened, and patients experience more confidence as they feel more comfortable in clothing.

Your Body Lift Consultation

Dr. Michael Self will meet with you and discuss your body lift options and decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Generally, body lift candidates are people who have lost a great deal of weight, usually 60 pounds or more.

Dr. Self will answer all of your questions and ensure that you completely understand the body lift procedure. He’ll show you before and after photos and give his honest and professional opinion on how a body lift might improve your body’s contour. Dr. Self will also present you with other available procedures that may be performed at the same time as your body lift.  You will be introduced to your team of specialists who are dedicated to making your cosmetic surgery experience a comfortable and positive experience.