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Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast augmentaion with lift can be necessary to give more volume to the breast. Often times a small augmentation is necessary to complete a breast lift because of the lack of existing breast tissue. A breast lift (mastopexy) can be done at the same time as the augmentation to create a fuller, younger looking breast. A breast lift will require larger incisions than an augmentation alone in order to properly reshape and lift the breast. The incisions for the lift can extend from the nipple down to the crease where the breast attaches to the chest.

Generally, this procedure provides excellent results for women whose breasts have sagged or drooped noticeably. Also, downward pointing nipples can be raised to their original or proper location. Dr. Self will help you decide what is best for you. After your examination, Dr. Self will be able to guide you as you make the decision to augment or lift your breasts.