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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Self has over 20 years of experience in breast reconstruction surgery. He trained with some of the founding fathers of breast reconstruction at the Mayo Clinic and has vast experience of his own. He has the ability to provide his patients with multiple breast reconstruction options to achieve the best, most natural result possible. He will take the time to explain these options to the patient and their family to achieve the best outcome after a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery for breast cancer. These often can be challenging surgeries and you want someone with vast experience to achieve your goals. Dr. Self has that experience.

There are two basic techniques for reconstruction: autologous reconstruction and prosthetic reconstruction. Autologous reconstruction uses your own tissue to reconstruct the breast. Prosthetic reconstruction uses implants to reconstruct the breast.

Autologous reconstruction requires the transfer of skin and fat from a donor site on your body to the chest. Many times this tissue is taken from the abdomen and an abdominoplasty can be incorporated into the procedure. The back, buttocks, and thighs can also provide areas from which to harvest the skin and fat necessary to create breasts. Conventional tissue transfer can be done in two ways: pedicled flaps or free flaps. These procedures are more complex than implant reconstructions, and therefore recovery times are longer and more intense.

Prosthetic/Implant reconstruction uses traditional implants to reconstruct the breast. Because of the less complex nature of this reconstruction, the recovery is less intensive and shorter than more complex methods that require a donor site. Naturally, the implant is replacing breast tissue and tend to have an “implant” feel to them.

Both procedures have their pros and cons and Dr. Self can discuss the options with you and what might be the best route for you to take. Whether there is an asymmetry that needs to be corrected in a single breast or both breasts need to be reconstructed entirely, Dr. Self can help you to correct these problems.