J. Michael Self, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon

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Your face is your most prominent and telling part of your body. Further, your face reveals your emotions and evokes emotion in others. For many people, the face is their most important asset and losing the youthful appearance they’ve enjoyed for so long is distressing. The jowls, mid-face, and neck can all be restored to project a more youthful look by the removal of excess skin. Although facelifts are common, they must be done individually and specific to each patient. For this reason, Dr. Self requires in depth consultations to determine how to approach the surgery and which techniques to employ.

The most common age group receiving facelifts are between 40-60. Wrinkled and saggy skin are the major complaints of those undergoing this procedure. A facelift can address all of these issues and can be enjoyed for many years depending on tissue tone, skin elasticity, and bone structure.

Facelifts require several hours of surgery to complete. In some cases, surgery can last longer when multiple procedures are performed alongside the facelift. The amount of detail and concentration involved with a facelift is immense. Thankfully Dr. Self has 25 years of experience that makes him so good at what he does. All incisions will be tediously planned and performed. The complexity involved in facelifts and the customized nature of the operation requires that Dr. Self speak to each patient individually to understand needs and explain the options.